“Old freight shed”, reproducing reality

Hi people.
My 1st big exercise on Blender, back in may 2014.

Based on an old train station hangar near I live. I took picture for texturing then mapped them on the objects. I did’nt took too much time on details, my goal was to give a realistic impression of the place by lightning and texturing. Not perfect if you look closely, but I’m OK with the result. There’s not light bulb in the lamp so I had to imagine what will be the mood by night.

The day scene like an not full sunny day, cloudy without rain. Rendered without the Cynicat shaders.


To evaluate the scene, here is the original hangar below:


Night version of the scene:
3 blender lamps for the luminaire, 1 point lamp for an little extra light on the wall and 2 spots for the main cone of light. Both with slightly different shapes and shadow sizes. A little photoshop for finetuning the image tone curves, color temp and I use a part of a real light halo to help realism of glow effect around the lamp.
Here is the Blender Artist thread.




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