Who is this guy?


Juillerat Eddy was born in 1970 in Martigny, Switzerland.
He draws from a young age.

EIO_2014-09-07_4564He trained as a typographer, working in a printing shop for 12 years and then into a cinema for 14 years as a projectionist-barman-cashier. It was during his free time he devotes himself first to drawing on paper, then to landscape photography with a argentic Bronica 4.5 x 6. It has over the years worked on several projects in the field of multimedia, film, theater and stage music.

He wrote, shot and is working on the post production of his short science fiction film.

Self-taught, he practiced various disciplines like painting on canvas, graphics and more digital image processing, computer graphics, stage lighting, video, sculpture, crafts of wood and paper, conception and design of recumbent bikes, writing, film, audiovisual editing. More recently mixing and sound design.

It is not really a specialist in one discipline, except maybe the drawing, but rather someone who touches everything, that initiates and materializes ideas, bringing together the knowledge. He likes to learn, invent, find solutions, discover a technique.

We all have a natural talent. He got images that fall into his head and he knows to learn by itself how to materialize them. The need to show the images that appear in him imposes itself. They are triggered by everything that makes this existence: a thought, a face, an object, a piece of music, a poem. It’s often something that comes out of thin air, without a clear origin. More rarely, its the memory of a past experience or emotion which leaves a trace.

EIO-selfblueIt can show the beautiful as ugly, which is peaceful and which is torment.
His subjects are varied. Younger, he created imaginary worlds, spacecrafts, always with a piece of story within, a context that tell us there is something going on here. His work became more intimate thereafter, reflecting the loneliness, the pain of misunderstanding, the human fears. With age, he looks at the state of the world, people, the functioning of human society, of the collective unconscious, the invisible and how to change that creates suffering in this life. How the inside affects the outside.

Like any artist, he seeks to express the essence of human nature, of life, of what is beyond its control. Even if we choose what we do, we do not choose what we love.




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